Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Even have a million things to do and only time for about a hundred of them?

Yea, posting on the blog is in that million list.. but (obviously) not in the hundred list. Maybe one day!

BD#2 is still sleeping through the night (she started that at about 3 1/2 weeks old), BD#1 still likes his little sister (no major incidents yet), Christmas is coming, the tree is up & garlanded & lit... half nude of ornaments though (we parent people keep running out of time to decorate).... the Christmas letter is written, photocopied & signed, envelopes addressed & stamped... Suffice it to say things are going well.

I just need to finish folding the Christmas letters, stuffing pictures & letters into envelopes & licking envelopes. Yuck. I need an envelope licker. Maybe the local stray dogs would like temporary jobs. Did you know the average postage stamp's glue is worth 1/2 calorie (from those "olden days" before self-adhesive stamps). Can you tell I'm short on sleep??? I love randomness early in the morning....

For those who want to see... here are the Savage's dragon spawn... recently (like this week).

Baby Dragon #1 being Momma's little helper.. that's a dust pan in his left hand.

Baby Dragon #2 chatting with her Daddy.

And for what it's worth, I'm in the crowd that thinks it's criminal not to have a Christmas tree up in one's house.

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