Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Weird Sighting of the Day...

I have a mental image for you all to conjure up.

Begin with the body height and shape of Gimley the Dwarf from LOTR.

For the head/face/hair: think craggy, leathery skin with grizzled eyebrows and a beakish/bulbous nose (yes, I know they're opposites, but work with me here! It was long and bulbous, so there!)
Add a do rag on top of shaggy dark brown hair almost to the waist, then add a rather unkempt, very untrimmed beard--complete with 5 or 6 dreadlocks....

For attire: a green kilt, white knee socks pulled ALL the way up, a walking stick/cane thingie, cool brown walking shoes, and the traditional male Scots purse of choice, a sporran!! Don't forget to add a beat-up old back-pack slung over the shoulders. So help me, he's wearing a shirt, but I'm so focused on the kilt & sporran that I don't care what shirt image you conjure.

OK now..... Got that image?!

I SAW HIM TODAY!!!!! (And if I had been driving, I'd have driven off the road). Wish I'd had my camera handy..... and that NCS's Barbarian Day had been a bit later... I could've sent him y'alls way & he'd have fit right in!!

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